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Japanese good manner in 311 earthquake – Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

3 Oct

This Japanese anime is called Tokyo Magnitude 8.0. It broadcast on Fuji TV in 2009, two years before the 311 Earthquake. This story centers around two young siblings, Mirai and Yuki, and a single mother named Mari. One day, Mirai and Yuki go to visit a robot exhibition in Odaiba. Suddenly, a massive earthquake in Tokyo 25km under the sea at a magnitude of 8.0 occurs.  These siblings, Mirai and Yuki, and their family are scattered. After the earthquake, Mirai and Yuki meet a female motorcycle courier called Mari, who is trying to reach her daughter and mother in Sangenjaya. These three stay together and try their best to go back home safely.

The patience and calmness of the Japanese people

Despite the fact that Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 broadcast before the 311 earthquake, it is interesting to find out that numerous scenes of this anime actually happened in 11th March, 2011. In this anime, most Japanese people still stay calm after the large earthquake. They wait for instruction with patience, queue up for food and drinks without any complaints, and assist each other without selfishness. Before the 311 earthquake, it is hard to imagine that people in reality can still behave as usual after such a large earthquake. However, Japanese people made the scenes come true.

Well-educated and civilized Japanese people impressed the world

Jing Gao states that Japanese patience and order makes their country deserve admiration besides its wealth. After the earthquake, rail traffic was totally paralyzed. However, most Japanese people either waited in the station patiently or walked home in an orderly way. In shelter, all of them lined up properly and wait for necessities without any complaints. ‘It would be uncivilized to try to push or to shove, and what good would it do anyway?’ an earthquake victim called Kojo Saeseki said.

Although the 311 earthquake is an immense tragedy, Japanese people still manage to respond in a calm and orderly way. People from other countries should learn from them.