About this blog

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog. Are you interested in understanding more about Japan? This is the place you are looking for.

You know what? Watching TV or seeing movies is actually a good way to know more about Japanese social problems or Japanese cultures. In this blog, every post introduces at least one of Japanese TV dramas, films, or anime series, and discusses some particular social problems or cultures which are reflected in those dramas or movies. For example, there are two posts, ‘Japanese people’s dark side – Byakuyakou’ and ‘Why do Japanese students long for getting into Toudai – Dragon Zakura’, which talk about the shortcomings of Japanese education system which calls for prompt reformation. There are also other bloggers’ opinions or online news being linked in each post, so as to enrich your knowledge from different points of view.

Hope you guys enjoy reading my blog and like the movies or TV drama that I introduced in each posts

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