The phenomenon of ‘Enjo Kosai’ in Japan – Baunsu ko gaurusu

11 Oct

‘Baunsu ko gaurusu’ is a story taking place within a 24 hour period. To start a new life as a college student, Risa decides to leave her family and to travel to New York. Unfortunately, just before picking up the train to the airport, she is almost raped and all her savings are stolen. At that depressing time, she meets two new acquaintances, Jonko and Raku, who try to help her recoup her traveling money. They do a string of ‘Enjo Kosai’ and successfully earn an enormous amount of money. However, things are getting worse after they meet Oshima, a boss of a group of Japanese gangsters.

What is “Enjo Kosai”?

‘Enjo Kosai’ (援助交際) is a Japanese term which can be translated as compensated dating. It is a practice that men pay women for a temporary companionship, with some form of sexual activity. Those female participants who are involved in ‘Enjo Kosai’ are mostly school-girls. They usually go karaoke with male participants for several hours and ask those men to pay for their time. The main reason why there is a growing trend of ‘Enjo Kosai’ in Japan is that more Japanese people, especially Japanese girls, become materialistic. To satisfy their endless material desires, they engage in ‘Enjo Kosai’ which enables them to earn money fast and easily.

Do not attempt to engage in ‘Enjo Kosai’

Betty Tam states that ‘Enjo Kosai’ is extremely dangerous. It is true because ‘Enjo Kosai’ involves illegal activities such as solicitation and prostitution. According to Atimes, since 2005, ‘Enjo kosai’ has been defined as an illegal activity in Tokyo. When a man requests having sex and directly pays for it by money during the date, he will be charged for prostitution. Participants can be penalized with 1 year in jail. Therefore, do not ever try ‘Enjo Kosai’, or you risk being arrested and eventually ruin your future.


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