Japanese people’s dark side – Byakuyakou

7 Sep

Byakuyakou is a TV drama series based on a novel which is written by a famous Japanese author named Higashino Keigo. This story is about the journey of two children, Kirihara Ryouji and Nishimoto Yukiho. They have been in love with each other since they are very young. On the fateful day, when they are still primary school students, the little boy, Ryouji, witnesses his father raping his beloved girl, Yukiho, whom her mother sells her body for money. Ryouji feels so angry with and ashamed of his father that he intervenes and murders his father. Retaliating against the coldhearted mother, Yukiho plots with Ryouji to gas her mother to death. To silently bear this secret for self-preservation, they keep committing more crimes until the very end.

Japanese education encourages people to suppress their emotion

It is not surprising that all people have dark sides. However, they hardly disclose their dark sides unless they can no longer control their behavior and emotion rationally. Comparing to western countries, people in Japan are more likely to develop mental illness, which easily lead their dark sides revealed. According to a journal article written by Emily A. Butler, Tiane L. Lee, and James J. Gross, ‘the Japanese suppressed their emotion more than Europeans.’ They believe that this is the main reason why many Japanese people suffer from metal disorder. However, why do Japanese necessarily restrain their emotion all the time? This can be imputed to the Japanese educational system. Japanese schools exert great emphasis on ‘fitting in’ and ‘conformity’. Students are carefully watched in schools, to prevent any bad behavior, rumor and gossip’. Being monitored since they are very young, the Japanese people lack courage to be criticized and lose confidence to show their real emotion and different ideas.

Akihabara massacre is one of the negative results of over-suppressing emotion

However, it is not an encouraging schooling. Without any ways to express their own thoughts and feelings, many Japanese people suffer from serious emotional disturbance. Some of them even start behaving extraordinarily. Akihabara massacre is a good example. It was an incident of mass murder that took place on Sunday, June 8, 2008, in Akihabara. Seven people were killed and 10 were injured by a man called Tomohiro Kato. According to the perpetrator’s brother, Tomohiro Kato had an unpleasant childhood. At that time, Kato always felt pressure from teachers as he did not manage to achieve high academic results at school. Not knowing how to deal with his stress, he began to act violently and even attempted to commit suicide in 2006.

No doubt, Ryouji, Yukiho and Tomohiro Kato are the victims of rotten education system. If they are taught how to express their own thoughts and know how to develop their self-confidence, those tragedy would not have happened. Therefore, Japanese government should no longer neglect the defect of their education system.


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